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Transcriptomics and Gene Regulation by Jiaqian Wu

Transcriptomics and Gene Regulation

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Transcriptomics and Gene Regulation Jiaqian Wu ebook
Page: 185
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9789401774482

Comparison of expression levels between closely-related species. For example, we identify a module of 137 highly variable, yet co-regulated, antiviral response genes. Comparative transcriptomics analysis reveals difference of key gene expression between banana and plantain in response to cold stress. Analysis of the human tissue-specific expression by genome-wide integration of transcriptomics and antibody-based proteomics. An integrated transcriptomic and comparative genomic analysis of differential gene expression in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) following seawater exposure . Genome-wide analyses and high-throughput screening was long reserved for biomedical applications and genetic model organisms. In this study, whole transcriptome analysis of the coral holobiont and each of the associate 3.4 Gene expression analysis and gene ontology. Measuring gene expression patterns simultaneously across all the In functional genomics, transcriptomics studies are typically a comparison between. Heat maps of gene expression values show how experimental conditions influenced production (expression) of mRNA for a set of genes. The latter comprise a number of "-omics" such as transcriptomics (gene expression), proteomics (protein expression), and metabolomics. Monitoring gene expression and transcriptome changes with cancer RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) can aid in understanding tumor classification and progression.

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